Vague et Chanson la parfum no.01



 הניחוח הראשון שנוצר על ידי המותג ווג אה שנסון, ניחוח יוקרתי ומשכר, הכולל בתוכו תווים מעט מעושנים. מבשם יוקרתי לבית בריח פריזאי המשדר יוקרה וטוב טעם.

    המבשם מגיע בבקבוק זכוכית בצבע אמבר עם מכסה שחור, 120 מ״ל

אין החלפות והחזרות על מוצר זה. 

The first fragrance created by Vague et Chanson, a luxurious and intoxicating fragrance Which includes smoky notes. A luxurious home perfume with a Parisian scent that conveys luxury and good taste.

The perfume comes in amber glass bottle with a black lid, 120 ml
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Machine wash 30°. Dry in shade , do not wring. Do not bleach. Iron on reverse, on low heat.

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Our Story

The brand was founded by Shira Morag Glazer & Gal Ohayon in 2019, with HQ in Herzliya. Started as a pop up studio in Gal’s basement and grew into one of the leading online stores in israel. At the moment, with HQ in TLV, the brand has dozens of thousands of loving customers and followers from all over the globe.
The main goal of the brand is to create a woman’s wardrobe as classic as possible, staple pieces that will be there for her forever. combined with some chic basics and cool girl vibe pieces. Gal and Shira will never design a piece they won't wear themselves.